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Table 2 IDI Guide for TGD Youth

From: HIV prevention and HIV care among transgender and gender diverse youth: design and implementation of a multisite mixed-methods study protocol in the U.S.

SectionExample Questions
Introduction/Rapport Building• How do you spend your time?
• How do you identify in terms of gender?
• At what age did you begin to identify as [gender identity]?
Resilience• What are some of the things that help you deal with the stress that comes along with your gender identity?
• What do you think are some of the positive things about being a person with your gender identity?
Gender Affirmation[After providing introduction to social, medical, and legal gender affirming changes]
• What changes, if any, have you made?
• What have these changes been like for you?
General Healthcare Experiences• Tell me about some experiences you’ve had while trying to use or while using healthcare services in general.
• Tell me about any barriers you have experienced while using healthcare services, or while trying to use healthcare services.
• Tell me about any facilitators or things that have helped you access healthcare services.
Primary HIV Prevention• Tell me a little bit about your experiences with HIV prevention programs and services.
• What things made it harder or kept you from using HIV prevention services?
• What things helped you [would have helped you] use prevention HIV programs and services?
HIV Testing• Tell me a little bit about your experiences with HIV testing.
• What things made it harder or kept you from getting tested?
• What things helped you or made it easier to get tested?
HIV Test Results• Tell me a little bit about your experiences receiving HIV test results.
• What made it more difficult to receive your results?
• What things made it easier to receive your results?
HIV Continuum of CareaParticipants were asked about experiences, barriers, and facilitators across each of the following Continuum stages: Linkage to HIV Care, Engagement in HIV Care, Retention in HIV Care, Initiation of ART, Adherence to ART, and Viral Suppression.
Program Recommendations• What kinds of programs, activities, or events would you like to see for transgender and gender diverse youth, or specifically for young people who share your gender identity?
• What recommendations do you have for providers who work with transgender and gender diverse youth?
  1. aQuestions about the HIV Continuum of Care were asked only of TGD participants living with HIV