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Table 2 Coding, themes, and frequency of participant endorsement

From: Transforming through leadership: a qualitative study of successful American Indian Alaska Native behavioral health leaders

Essence Main Theme Revelatory Theme Frequency of Participants Coded for Theme
Foundational beliefs about leadership and the role of leaders in AIAN society undergird the work and motivate the leader. The work is difficult and fraught with challenges, yet the leaders persisted because of a foundational commitment to the people. Beliefs about leadership in tribal communities Hopeful Vision for the People 8
Awareness of Historical Context 7
An inherent or learned disposition of humility was an essential trait across the successful leaders. Leadership traits or dispositions Cultural Humility 8
Relationally based leadership knowledge, skills, and strategies coalesced into a leadership approach that catalyzed community impact. Leadership knowledge and strategies Cultural and bi-cultural knowledge 7
Purpose Driven Work Behavior 8
Trusting a Broader Process 7
Holistic Supervision 7
Caring Orientation 8
Influence Through Education 8
Community Centered 8