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Table 1 Interview Protocol: Topics and Stem Questions

From: Transforming through leadership: a qualitative study of successful American Indian Alaska Native behavioral health leaders

Topic Stem Questions
Introduction What does it take to become a strong leader in an American Indian Alaska Native community?
Goal Attainment What, specifically, do you feel you have accomplished as a leader?
Describe the process by which you engaged your team in planning and goal attainment?
Leadership approach and strategies On a practical level, how did you approach the day-to-day leadership?
How do you communicate your vision (goals) to others on your team?
What leadership strategies do you use to help employees accomplish their work?
Leadership traits I know it is sometimes awkward to talk about our personal positive traits, but will you please describe what it is about your personality, values, and/or beliefs that makes you an effective leader?
Leadership Development Knowing that a leader puts a lot into the role and possibly changes along with the program, where were you at the beginning and how did you grow or change over the course of the program?
Leadership and AIAN Culture What role did culture play in your accomplishments as a leader?
Are there aspects of organizing and planning programs in Native communities that are unique and not transferable to other cultures and settings? If so, please describe.