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Table 1 Children’s Centre Assessment Tool (CCAT)

From: An educational intervention to prevent overweight in pre-school years: a cluster randomised trial with a focus on disadvantaged families

1. An identified member of staff to oversee food/drink
2. Training for the workforce in Nutrition
3. Training for the workforce in Food hygiene
4. Training for the workforce in Practical Food Skills
5. Training for the workforce in Oral Health
6. Training for the workforce in Breastfeeding
7. Healthy Eating Policy
8. Uses local data and supports national/local priorities
9. Signed up and promotes change4life
10. Supports the uptake and continuation of breastfeeding
11. Good practice in oral health promotion
12. Involves children and parents in planning and delivery
13. Provides a welcoming eating environment
14. Availability of healthy food and snacks
15. Opportunities to learn about food and a balanced diet
16. Benefits of fruit and veg, limiting salt and sugar
17. Provide cooking opportunities
18. Hold discussion about food likes and dislikes
19. Learn where food comes from
20. Learn about good oral health
21. Involves external professions to support healthy eating
22. Weight Management advice and signposting
23. Support staff to eat healthily
24. Promote, provide and evaluate physical activity
25. Provide daily opportunities for physical activity
26. Actively promotes the 60 min a day message
27. Involves children in planning and identifying barriers
28. Uses community resources to deliver physical activity
29. Promotes walking
30. Encourage parents to take part in planning and delivery
31. Provides physical activity training for staff
32. Encourage staff to be active
  1. Staff were asked to provide training records and evidence of programs/plans. Each CCAT item was scored: 0 = not achieved, 1 = partially achieved, 2 = fully achieved