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Table 1 Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

From: A systematic review of the effectiveness of digital interventions for illicit substance misuse harm reduction in third-level students

Inclusion Criteria • Any study deploying a web-based or mobile digital intervention with the aim of reducing harm from substance misuse.
• Studies reporting substance misuse as a primary or secondary measure.
• Studies reporting a measure of the effectiveness of the intervention.
• Studies whose study population consists of students enrolled in third-level institutions (e.g. college or university).
• Studies whose definition of “substance misuse” includes any illicit drug, psychoactive drug, or misuse of prescription medication.
Exclusion criteria • Any study deploying a non-digital intervention only.
• Studies reporting a non-third-level population (e.g. young adults, adolescents, secondary school students).
• Studies reporting interventions targeting only alcohol and/or tobacco.
• Non-English language studies