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Table 2 Prevalence of chronic disease risk behaviours and interest in change

From: A survey of the prevalence of modifiable health risk behaviours among carers of people with a mental illness

Carer Characteristic n(%)
 At risk for inadequate fruit consumption 49 (34.0)
 At risk for inadequate vegetable consumption a 98 (68.5)
 At risk for inadequate fruit or vegetable consumption a 107 (74.8)
 Those ‘at risk’ for inadequate fruit or vegetable consumption interested in change b 62 (63.9)
Physical activity
 At risk for inadequate physical activity a 76 (57.6)
 Those ‘at risk’ interested in change c 66 (89.2)
Alcohol consumption
 At risk for binge alcohol consumption b 46 (34.1)
 At risk for chronic harmful alcohol consumption b 26 (19.3)
 At risk for chronic and/or binge alcohol consumption b 49 (36.3)
 Those ‘at risk’ for chronic and/or binge consumption interested in change d 17 (41.5)
 At risk for smoking 17 (11.8)
 Those ‘at risk’ interested in change a 9 (56.3)
  1. a 1 missing response
  2. b 9 missing responses
  3. c 2 missing responses
  4. d 8 missing responses