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Table 4 The proportion of recent HIV infections in the sub-groups with different contact histories

From: Demographic characteristics and spatial clusters of recent HIV-1 infections among newly diagnosed HIV-1 cases in Yunnan, China, 2015

Contact historyTotalRecent InfectionsThe proportion of recent infectionspOR (95% CI)
MenHaving HIV positive spouse/fixed sexual partner208178.2%-1.000
Non-commercial and non-marital heterosexual contact19311397.2%0.6080.871 (0.515, 1.474)
Commercial heterosexual contact (Clients)1217857.0%0.5390.844 (0.490, 1.452)
Having sex with men2745419.7%0.001a2.758 (1.546, 4.918)
Introvenos drug use4674810.3%0.3931.287 (0.721, 2.297)
Others19210.5%0.7241.322 (0.281, 6.208)
WomenHaving HIV positive spouse/fixed sexual partner4255112.0%0.1471.532 (0.861, 2.725)
Non-commercial and non-marital heterosexual contact137014310.4%0.3151.309 (0.774, 2.214)
Commercial heterosexual contact (FSWs)1462416.4%0.019a2.210 (1.141, 4.283)
Introvenos drug use57712.3%0.3421.573 (0.618, 4.001)
  1. astatistical significance