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Table 1 Discharge Locations for Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients and the implied hospital care needs

From: Using the National Early Warning Score (NEWS/NEWS 2) in different Intensive Care Units (ICUs) to predict the discharge location of patients

Discharge Location (care level) Details
Home (low) Patients who were discharged home with no support, or with support, and those who left against advice. This includes those directly discharged from the ICU to home, as well as those who were transferred out of ICU to a hospital ward for a short recovery period, before a final discharge to home is recorded. Recovery period mean (±SD) is 6 (4.6) days.
Hospital Ward (medium) Patients who were transferred to other wards in the hospital, or to another external hospital for an extended period. These patients remain in the hospital environment on a permanent or semi-permanent basis.
Nursing/ Primary Care (high) Patients who were discharged to a skilled nursing facility.
Hospice/ Death (palliative) Patients who were discharged to a medical hospice, home hospice, or death.