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Table 4 Recommendations for undertaking research in academy schools

From: A qualitative study of health promotion in academy schools in England

Early engagement • School input into identifying evidence gaps and research aims
• School input into methodological design
• Long lead time for consultation with staff, pupils and parents
• Fit with school planning cycles
Minimal impact • Avoid or reduce disruption to student curriculum
• Avoid crucial points for students e.g. exam time; pre- or post-transition
• Minimise impact on staff workload
• Payment for staff release if required
• Avoidance of disruptive change of any type
Tangible benefits for schools • Contribution to curriculum, and curriculum development
• Contribution to school health strategy
• Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for staff
• Development of resources with practical implications of use to schools e.g. staff training resources; teaching and curriculum resources
• Development of data of interest to schools (benchmarking)
• Avoidance of data presentation that may stigmatise communities (e.g. poor health data)
• Offering widening participation opportunities to school pupils
• Building an ongoing relationship between the school and University
Outcomes of interest • Research aims aligned with school curriculum
• Research aims aligned with school health priorities or challenges
• Clear links to attainment outcomes