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Table 1 Thematic Framework

From: A qualitative study of health promotion in academy schools in England

Theme Sub-themes
School of role in health promotion Link between health and attainment Health domains of concern – students Health domains of concern – staff Role of schools/Trusts in health promotion
Decision-making Health strategy or policy development Health strategy or policy implementation Locus – academy school, Trust, or MAT executive Health budget Health in strategic planning Implementing change across schools and MATs Use of research evidence (and source) Accountability for health promotion activity
Health-promoting initiatives undertaken in schools and Trusts Domain (e.g. student mental health; obesity, risk behaviours) Curriculum School environment Staff training Ethos Staff/pupil relationship Staff health initiatives Involvement of parents and wider community Involvement of students Facilitators to implementing initiatives Barriers to implementing initiatives Outcomes of initiatives
Links with external agencies Delivering initiatives in schools/Trusts Health professionals in schools/Trusts Links with Public Health teams Links with statutory health services Other health-related services Healthy schools audit
Health data Existing/historical health data collected by school/Trust Data from external bodies e.g. local authority, NHS, Public Health England Use of data Missing/inaccessible health data would like to have
Networks MAT (within and across MATs) School to school Informal networking Local authority links and networks Other networks around health promotion
Drivers for health promotion Motivating factors for health promotion activity Barriers to undertaking health promotion
Undertaking health research Experience of working with academia/public health researchers Motivation for involvement in research Barriers to undertaking research Facilitators for undertaking research