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Table 1 Tool used to assess the possible predictors of MCI

From: Incidence and predictors of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) within a multi-ethnic Asian populace: a community-based longitudinal study

Tool Parameters
Socio-demography Gender, age, ethnicity, education level, marital status, living arrangement and medical history.
Nutritional status and clinical profile Weight, height, arm span, mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC), waist circumference, hip circumference, calf circumference, fat mass, muscle mass and blood pressure.
Cognitive function test M-MMSE, MoCA, Digit Span Test, Digit Symbol Test, RAVLT, VR-I and VR II.
Lifestyle Lifestyle activities (Victoria Longitudinal Study-Activities Lifestyle Questionnaire) and smoking status.
Physical performance test Grip Strength Test, Chair Stand Test, Chair Sit-and-Reach Test, Back Scratch Test, Timed Up and-Go Test (TUG).
Dietary intake Diet history questionnaire (DHQ).
Depression Geriatric depression scale (GDS-15).