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Table 1 Behavioural insights used in the three intervention letters

From: Pre-notification and reminder SMS text messages with behaviourally informed invitation letters to improve uptake of NHS Health Checks: a factorial randomised controlled trial

Behavioural insight Intervention Letter
Open-ended letter Time-limited letter Norms letter
Simplification (shorter letter compared to control) X X X
Behavioural instruction
(BCT: 4.1 Instruction on how to perform the behaviour)
Personalised planning prompt i.e. tear-off slip
(BCT: 1.4 Action Planning & 7.1 Prompt/cue)
X X  
Personal salience (Your NHS HC is due) X   X
Time limited appointment slot
(i.e. Your NHS HC is due in March)
Social norms message and testimonials
(BCT: 6.2 Social comparison)