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Table 3 The elements/indicators under different key areas showing statistical significance at level of 0.05 among schools with different levels of Award analysed by ANOVA

From: Effective health promoting school for better health of children and adolescents: indicators for success

Healthy School Policies
2.1 Healthy Eating
2.2 Safe School
2.3 Harmonious School
2.4 Active School
School’s Physical Environment
1.1 School ensures students’ safety whenever students are under their care
1.4 School has a system in place for the management of emergencies and natural disasters and ensure that all relevant personnel being informed
1.5 School ensures fire safety
1.7 School ensure a safe and healthy workplace for staff
School’s Social Environment
2.2 School has a system for the prevention, and management of unacceptable behaviour in school both among students and encourages staff to set personal examples for cultivating students’ positive actions
Action Competencies for Healthy Living
1.3 School tries to ensure all students have opportunities to actively engage with each topic, according to their age
3.2 There are school staff who received professional training in health education or participated discussions on the development of health promoting school
3.3 School staff participate in different health education workshops or seminars, and have opportunities to collaborate with other teachers and exchange ideas to enhance the teaching of health
3.4 School provides diversified health education resources for staff, and such resources are well organised and managed
Community Links
2.2 School consults community members or groups that possess substantial understanding of the school for recommendations and/or professional advice on Healthy School development and involves them in assessing school’s developmental needs and/or discussing arrangements for corresponding plans and projects
School Health Care and Promotion Services
2.3 There was a provision of basic health care services and management
  1. p-value < 0.05