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Table 2 Parameter assumptions and calculated values regarding costs, health outcomes and discounting

From: Cost-effectiveness of childhood pneumococcal vaccination program in Ethiopia: results from a quasi-experimental evaluation

Parameters Values References
Costs (2013 US$)
 Mean vaccine unit price per dose 6.5 [33]
 Auto-disposable syringes unit price 0.069 [33]
 Safety boxes unit price 0.94 [33]
 Introduction, initial costs per child 0.17 [33]
 Administration costs per child 0.25 [33]
 Cold chain equipment and maintenance cost per child 0.02 [33]
 Other costs per child 1.99 [33]
 Freight cost for vaccine and devices as % of vaccine values 10% [33]
 Mean vaccination cost per child 26.88 [33]
Mean total indirect medical cost of infections
 Mean transportation cost 5.8 Surveyϯ
 Mean meals cost 9.5 Surveyϯ
 Mean accommodation cost 1.8 Surveyϯ
Mean total direct medical cost of infections
 Mean inpatient cost 1.4 Surveyϯ
 Mean diagnosis cost 2.3 Surveyϯ
 Mean home care cost 0.3 Surveyϯ
 Mean drugs cost 5.9 Surveyϯ
 Mean lost productivity cost per child 30.8 Surveyϯ
Disability and age weights
 Pneumonia* 0.28 [36, 37]
 Sepsis 0.28 [16, 37]
 Acute otitis media 0.334 [16]
 Meningitis 0.62 [34]
 Age weights 0.04 [38]
Mean duration of illness (in days)
 Pneumonia, Sepsis and Acute otitis media 6  
 Meningitis 10 [34]
General parameters
 Life expectancy (years) 65 [39]
 Discount rate 3% [38]
  1. * we used the value of pneumonia disability weight for ALRI
  2. Ϯ the values are estimated based on the household survey that was performed as part of this study.