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Table 3 Themes related to factors affecting dental service utilization among older Singaporeans using subsidized dental care

From: Factors affecting dental service utilisation among older Singaporeans eligible for subsidized dental care – a qualitative study

Themes Sub - themes
1) General awareness about oral health • Awareness of relationship of oral health with general well being
2) Life-course perspective of oral health • More positive attitudes towards oral health from childhood to old age
3) Barriers to visit dental clinic • Fear, anxiety and past negative experience with dentist • Do not perceive need to visit dentist • Lack of awareness
4) Shaping dental service utilisation behaviours through dental subsidies • Effect on frequency of dental visits, before and after CHAS/PG • Effect on shift from public to private dental clinic after CHAS/PG
  1. CHAS Community Health Assistance Scheme
  2. PG Pioneer Generation