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Table 1 Details on the interventions included in each option (n = 11 companies)

From: Activate Your Health, a 3-year, multi-site, workplace healthy lifestyle promotion program: study design

Interventions Options
Extensive Limited
A (n = 1) B (n = 1) C (n = 8) D (n = 0) E (Control) (n = 2)
Personalised online menus X X X X  
Support in creating a favourable environment X X X X  
Health Challenge X X X X  
Conferences X X X   
Coaching X X X   
Closing events X X X   
Health screening and flexibility assessment X X    
CANRISK questionnaire X X    
Distribution of publications X X    
Social health platform X X    
Activity tracker X     
Optional: Quit to Win! Challenge X X