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Table 1 Factor analysis with varimax loadings of the lifestyle Items

From: Beliefs and attitudes towards lifestyle change and risks in primary care – a community-based study

Variable Factor 1: underrating/resistant Factor 2: helplessness/pessimism
6, My lifestyle is no one else’s business 0.52  
7, Food with little salt is tasteless 0.48  
10, Smoking is not as dangerous as argued 0.49  
11, Doctors and nurses push too much health advice 0.66  
12, Media pushes too much health advice 0.67  
15, I can’t be bothered to exercise enough to control my weight 0.36  
19, Risk of fatty food are exaggerated 0.57  
25, I find it is difficult for me to choose healthy foods from a grocery store 0.46  
29, Obesity has nothing to do with getting diseases 0.49  
2, My family members don’t support me in my health promotion   0.36
3, I can’t do anything about my excess weight since it is hereditary   0.68
4, I can’t reduce my weight since food is one of my few enjoyments   0.48
20, Doctors cannot give good advice for reducing my weight   0.75
23, I’ve tried my best to lose my weight   0.74
24, Nurses cannot give good advice for reducing my weight   0.35
  1. Coefficients with values < 0.35 not shown
  2. Factors explained 89% of the total variance