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Table 2 Comparison of Knowledge Test Scores*

From: Impact of an electronic medium delivery of warfarin education in a low income, minority outpatient population: a pilot intervention study

Variable Median (IQR) P value for overall Comparison* Pair Comparison P value for pair comparison§
Pre-knowledge test 10 (8–11) < 0.001 Post vs Pre < 0.001
Post-knowledge test 12(11–12) FU vs Post 1.00
FU-knowledge test 12(10–12) FU vs Pre 0.005
  1. *IQR Interquartile range
  2. *p value for overall comparison for knowledge test score among 3 time points using Skillings- Mack test
  3. §Bonferroni adjusted p value for pair comparison for knowledge test score between time points using Wilcoxon signed-rank test