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Table 1 Description of the mixed method design

From: Psychological and social determinants of physical activity from diagnosis to remission among French cancer patients (PERTINENCE): protocol for a mixed-method study

  Research question Procedure Data collection Data analysis Expected results Data integration
Phase 1 What is observed among medical staff in terms of knowledge of and support for PA practice? Case analysis per hospital Interviews with health professionals using snowball sampling and document analysis Content analysis using Nvivo software Information on PA knowledge and support from medical staff, application of prescription requirements and orientation of patients to PA practice Complete quantitative data on social support, public policies and organizational factors that encourage PA practice
Phase 2 What are the psychological and social factors influencing PA practice from cancer diagnosis to remission? Cohort study on 680 patients included at diagnosis (T0; +  6 months; + 1 year) Self-reported questionnaire Descriptive, multivariate, multilevel analysis using SPSS, SAS and AMOS Patient profiles for PA practice, theoretical model of interaction over time between social and psychological variables supporting PA practice Quantitative data underpins the main data analysis
Identification of patient profiles for the phase 3 study
Phase 3 What is the evolution of PA practice, PA preferences and what are the main barriers / facilitators from the time of diagnosis? Qualitative study 30 patients with specific profiles identified in phase 2 Content analysis using Nvivo software A list of factors, organized in the socio-ecological model to calibrate interventions Broadening of the quantitative data and more detailed analysis of interactions with interpersonal and political variables