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Table 3 Parcel structure by item between original version and Chinese version of PSAPQ

From: Parent supervision attributes profile questionnaire (PSAPQ) for young children: psychometric properties of the Chinese version

   Factor Scores
Factor Parcel Original V Chinese V
Parcel 1   0.75 0.60
  I feel very protective of my child   
  I think of all the dangerous things that could happy   
  I keep my child from playing rough games or doing things where he/she might get hurt   
Parcel 2   0.71 0.51
  I make him/her keep away from anything that could be dangerous   
  I feel fearful that something might happen to my child   
  I warn him/her about things that could be dangerous   
Parcel 3   0.67 0.71
  I keep an eye on my child’s face to see how he/she is doing   
  I feel a strong sense of responsibility   
  I try things with my child before leaving him/her to do them on his/her own   
Parcel 1   0.83 0.66
  I have my child within arm’s reach at all times   
  I know exactly what my child is doing   
  I can trust my child to play by himself/herself without constant supervision   
Parcel 2   0.84 0.78
  I stay within reach of my child when he/she is playing on the equipment   
  I keep a close watch on my child   
  I say to myself that I can trust him/her to play safely   
Parcel 3   0.64 0.68
  I stay close enough to my child that I can get to him/her quickly   
  I hover next to my child   
  I make sure I know where my child is and what he/she is doing   
Risk tolerance
Parcel 1   0.70 0.73
  I encourage my child to try new things   
  I let him/her learn from his/her own mishaps   
Parcel 2   0.87 0.74
  I let my child take some chances in what he/she does   
  I let my child do things for him/herself   
  I let my child experience minor mishaps if what he is doing is lots of fun   
Parcel 3   0.74 0.83
  I let my child make decisions for himself/herself   
  I encourage my child to take risks if it means having fun during play   
  I wait to see if he/she can do things on his/her own before I get involved   
11 When my child gets injured it is due to bad luck 0.61 0.80
3 Whether or not my child gets injured is largely a matter of fate 0.71 0.62
28 Good fortune plays a big part in determining whether or not my child gets injured 0.92 0.40