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Table 2 Decomposition of effects of maternal obesity on child obesity, with gestational weight gain as the mediator

From: Overall gestational weight gain mediates the relationship between maternal and child obesity

Decomposition of effects Estimatea 95% Confidence Interval
CDE 0.322 (0.207, 0.439)
NDE 0.235 (0.157, 0.313)
NIE 0.020 (0.003, 0.042)
Total effect 0.246 (0.165, 0.329)
Proportion mediated (%) 8.13% (1.82, 12.8%)
  1. CDE Controlled direct effect, NDE Natural direct effect, NIE natural indirect effect
  2. Footnotes: a The estimated average difference in child BMI z-score adjusted for maternal race, education (SES), gestational diabetes, and smoking status during pregnancy
  3. Total effect = NDE + NIE; Proportion Mediated = NIE/Total Effect