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Table 4 Logistic regressions comparing incident, prevalent and no diabetes cases groupsa

From: Impact of social disadvantages in the presence of diabetes at old age

VariableIncidence group versus No Diabetes GroupPrevalence versus No Diabetes Group
ORp-valuec95% CIORp-valuec95% CI
Group of Age (ref. 50–59)b < 0.01   0.36  
 80 and more0.670.120.401.110.49< 0.010.370.66
Without partner0.990.930.791.251.030.670.911.17
Years of formal education0.990.590.971.020.990.400.981.01
Bad self-perception of economic status0.890.360.691.140.920.290.801.07
Health services provider (ref. Social security)b < 0.01   0.43  
 Ministry of Health0.790.070.611.020.900.140.781.03
 Private / Other1.120.710.622.010.830.350.561.23
 More than one service0.870.420.621.
 Without provider0.890.490.651.230.61< 0.010.490.75
Hypertension1.300.011.061.591.96< 0.011.752.20
Heart Attack1.160.570.691.961.400.011.081.82
Respiratory Failure0.940.760.621.410.71< 0.010.560.90
No internal locus of control1.050.640.851.291.000.930.881.12
Smoking (ref. never smoke)b 0.02   0.58  
 Current smoker0.950.740.691.300.75< 0.010.620.91
Alcohol Drinking (ref. never drink)b < 0.01   0.52  
 Yes, moderate0.910.700.561.480.750.050.571.00
 Yes, severe0.910.700.581.440.730.020.560.94
Body Mass Index (ref. undernutrition)b < 0.01   < 0.01  
 Normal weight3.83<
 Overweight4.47< 0.012.328.641.41<
 Obesity6.07< 0.013.1611.641.63< 0.011.302.05
Bad health self-perception1.210.100.961.512.67< 0.012.333.07
Help walking around the house1.470.530.444.911.790.031.063.01
Help bathing0.460.360.092.401.130.700.612.08
Help eating1.090.910.235.232.50< 0.011.394.49
Help using toilet0.990.990.
Help getting in/out bed1.180.740.453.101.300.270.822.08
No shoes during childhood1.47<
Went to bed hungry before 10 y0.970.810.771.
Not enough money to buy food in the last 2 years1.050.710.811.361.000.980.861.15
Household’s food shortage /scarce food1.030.840.771.381.000.990.851.17
  1. aOR Odds Ratio; CI Confidence Interval; LL Lower Limit; UL Upper Limit
  2. bWald test for categorical variables, χ2 with number of categories less 1 degrees of freedom
  3. cSignificant p values (p < 0.05) are in bold