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Table 1 Action 3:30R feasibility trial-specific RE-AIM definitions

From: Action 3:30R: process evaluation of a cluster randomised feasibility study of a revised teaching assistant-led extracurricular physical activity intervention for 8 to 10 year olds

RE-AIM component Action 3:30R specific definition
Reach The number, proportion and representativeness of individuals (TAs and pupils) who are willing to participate in Action 3:30R when offered the opportunity, as well as factors that may affect this
Effectiveness The impact of Action 3:30R on the children, club leaders and schools involved, as well as factors which affected, or may affect this
Adoption The number, proportion and representativeness of schools (settings) or TAs (agents) who are willing to initiate Action 3:30R, including factors that may affect this
Implementation Absolute fidelity as well as factors affecting the fidelity of the delivery of Action 3:30R when compared with intended delivery, both at the individual level (TA adherence to protocols and session manual) and the structural level (school factors, resources, environment)
Maintenance Factors perceived to affect potential maintenance of Action 3:30R