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Table 1 Sample characteristics of NLSY79 cohort

From: Adverse childhood events and risk of diabetes onset in the 1979 National longitudinal survey of youth cohort

Weighted % (N)Female (n = 4,328)Male (n = 4,049)
Age of Diabetes Onset (Mean Years)43.5 45.3 
Time-Invariant Variables
 Adverse Childhood Events
  Childhood Poverty14.3%(960)12.6%(767)
  Parental Death8.1%(353)7.9%(298)
  Non-Traditional Living Situation35.7%(1,457)31.7%(1,172)
  Lived w/Mentally Ill Person11.3%(358)5.0%(141)
  Lived w/Problem Drinker22.8%(794)15.7%(506)
  Physical Abuse16.8%(621)12.7%(417)
 2+ Ace Events
 Age in 1982 (Mean)20.72 20.53 
 U.S. Born
 Education Attainment
  Less than High School11.8%(590)13.6%(621)
  High School44.9%(1,652)44.7%(1,509)
  Some College22.9%(889)20.5%(661)
  College or more20.5%(593)21.3%(536)
Time-Varying Variables (1982–2012)
 Children (Mean)1.60 0.90 
 Poverty Status
  No86.1% 89.7% 
  Yes14.0% 10.3% 
 Marital Status
  Never Married22.3% 31.5% 
  Married58.4% 54.9% 
  Separated4.3% 2.9% 
  Divorced14.1% 10.5% 
  Widowed1.0% 0.2% 
 Employment Status
  Employed75.3% 85.9% 
  Unemployed2.0% 2.9% 
  Out of Labor Force22.4% 8.8% 
  Active Services0.3% 2.5%