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Table 2 Cox proportional hazards regression analysis for any and exclusive breastfeeding (N = 132)

From: The effect of a breastfeeding support programme on breastfeeding duration and exclusivity: a quasi-experiment

 Any BreastfeedingExclusive breastfeeding
Hazard ratio95% CIHazard ratio95% CI
 ControlReference category   
Social support artificial feeding1.361*[1.013,1.829]1.195[0.931,1.532]
Perceived control breastfeeding (1–5)0.872[0.627,1.212].741*[0.585,0.938]
Expected difficulty breastfeeding in various situations (1–5)1.114[0.761,1.631].935[0.736,1.189]
First-time mother
 YesReference category   
Total months of breastfeeding experience0.854***[0.784,0.929].970*[0.941,0.999]
How many hours the mother plans to work per week after the baby is born1.003[0.979,1.027].999[0.982,1.017]
Education level mother
 HighReference category Reference category 
Education level partner
 HighReference category Reference category 
Asthma mother
 NoReference category Reference category 
Country of origin mother (% not the Netherlands)
 The Netherlands.657[0.228,1.890].483[0.214,1.091]
 Not the NetherlandsReference category Reference category 
  1. Log Likelihood Test for Any Breastfeeding: χ2(1) = 39.96, p < .001
  2. Log Likelihood Test for Exclusive Breastfeeding: χ2(1) = 28.92, p = .002
  3. Significance levels: * p = < .05, ** p = < .01, *** p = < .001