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Table 1 Differences between BSP group and control group at baseline (N = 138)

From: The effect of a breastfeeding support programme on breastfeeding duration and exclusivity: a quasi-experiment

 BSP group (M)Control group (M)p
Social support artificial feeding (number of people advising artificial feeding)
Perceived control breastfeeding (1–5)
Expected difficulty breastfeeding in various situations (1–5)
First-time mother (%yes)63.6%41.7%.010
Total months of breastfeeding experience3.28.6.003
Negative experience with previous breastfeeding (1–4)2.81.8<.001
Anticipated working hours after birth22.418.4.041
Education level mother  .002
Education level partner  .036
Asthma mother (% yes)12.1%1.4%.011
Country of origin mother (% not the Netherlands)9.1%1.4%.039