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Table 5 Description of Items from the Psychological Well-Being Index (PGWBI)

From: Child marriage and psychological well-being in Niger and Ethiopia

S.NO Psychological Well-Being Index Items
Anxiety (ANX)
1 Have you been bothered by nervousness or your “nerves” during the past month?
2 Were you generally tense or did you feel any tension this past month?
3 Have you been anxious, worried or upset during the past months?
4 Did you feel relaxed, at ease or high strung, tight or keyed-up during the past month?
5 Have you been under or felt your were under strain, stress or pressure during the past month?
Depression (DEP)
6 Did you feel depressed this past month?
7 I felt downhearted and blue this past month?
8 Have you felt so sad, discouraged, hopeless or had so many problems that you wondered if anything was worthwhile during this past month?
Self-Control (SC)
9 Have you been in firm control of your behavior, thoughts, emotions or feeling during the past month?
10 Have you had any reason to wonder if you were losing your mind, or losing control over the way you act, talk, think, feel or your memory during the past month?
11 I was emotionally stable and sure of myself this past month
Vitality (VIT)
12 How much energy, pep, or vitality did you have or feel during the past month?
13 I woke up feeling fresh and rested this past month?
14. Did you feel active, vigorous, or dull, sluggish during the past month?
15. I felt tired, worn out, used up, or exhausted during the past month
Positive Well-being (PWB)
16. How have you been feeling in general this past month?
17. How happy, satisfied or pleased have you been with your personal life during the past month?
18. My daily life was full of things that were interesting to me during the past month.
19. I felt cheerful, lighthearted during the past month.
General Health (GH)
20. How often were you bothered by any illness, bodily disorder, aches or pains?
21. Did you feel healthy enough to carry out the things you like to do or had to or
22. Have you been concerned, worried, or had any fears about your health during the past month?