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Table 7 Data by type of information or support – Support for health issues

From: Support for people who use Anabolic Androgenic Steroids: A Systematic Scoping Review into what they want and what they access

Type of information/support Support sought from (if given) Article reference
Regular medical check-ups / Unspecified laboratory/Medical tests including blood-tests Not stated
Not stated but bloodwork obtained
Doctors (Liver function test, ECG, Diabetes tests)
[4] [12] [9]
Steroid Clinic (service provider information) [11]
Anti-aging clinics [9]
Consultation on specific AAS – related health issues Doctor
Doctor (includes discussion on mood)
Doctor (for PCT advice)
[21] [6] [5] [9]
Specialised addiction clinic (psychological problems) [13]
Sexual health clinics [5]
NSPs (including < 1% interventions – drug treatment referrals)
[6] [5]
Accident & Emergency/walk-in [5] [6]
Anti-aging clinics [9]
Self-treatment and other [6]
Online websites/Forums [9]
Prescribed substances relating to AAS use Not stated [6]
  1. Any data given about access of services that is not linked to AAS/IPED use has not been included in this table