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Table 2 Variables queried of Lyme disease coded patients in hospital administrative data

From: Characteristics and patient pathways of Lyme disease patients: a retrospective analysis of hospital episode data in England and Wales (1998–2015)

Hospital Episode Statistic variable codes Patient Episode Database for Wales variable codes Description
HESID Patient ID Unique pseudoanonymised patient identifier
ADMIAGE Admitted Age Age on day of admission
ADMIDATE Date first admitted Date of admission
ADMISOURCE Admission Method Source of admission
AEARRIVALMODE   Accident and emergency source
AEATTENDDISP   Accident and emergency discharge destination
APPTAGE   Age on day of appointment
APPTDATE   Appointment date
ARRIVALAGE   Age on arrival to accident and emergency
ARRIVALDATE   Date on arrival to accident and emergency
ATTENDED   Did or did not attend outpatient appointment
DEPDUR   Time spent in accident and emergency until departure
DIAG_CODE   Diagnose code searched in all diagnosis code fields
DISDEST   Discharge destination
EPIDUR   Duration of episode
ETHNOS   Ethnicity
IMD04   Index of Multiple Deprivation
  Deprivation Index Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation
LSOA11 LSOA_Code Lower super output area – 2011 census
REFSOURCE   Source of referral for outpatients
RURURB_IND Urban Indicator Rural-urban indicator
SEX Sex Sex
TRETSPEF   Main treatment speciality