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Table 3 Percentage (%) of patients with changes in post-intervention scores of depression in the preferred and prescribed intensity groups

From: A pragmatic randomised controlled trial of preferred intensity exercise in depressed adult women in the United Kingdom: secondary analysis of individual variability of depression

Exercise Group Severity of Depression at Baseline (BDI-II) Changed Recovered (%) Unchanged still abnormal range (%) Unchanged still normal range (%) Unchanged from normal to abnormal range (%)
Within abnormal range
 Preferred Severe 22 78   
 Prescribed Severe   100   
 Preferred Moderate 50 50   
 Prescribed Moderate 17 83   
 Preferred Mild 100    
 Prescribed Mild   100   
Within normal range
 Preferred Mild     
 Prescribed Mild    100  
 Preferred Minimal    67 33
 Prescribed Minimal    100  
  1. BDI-II Beck Depression Inventory-II