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Table 1 Summary of key policies and interventions to improve food security, nutrition, environment and health in Nepal

From: Bridging barriers to advance multisector approaches to improve food security, nutrition and population health in Nepal: transdisciplinary perspectives

Food security interventions Nutrition interventions Environmental interventions
Guiding policies:
 • The Constitution of Nepal 2015
 • Agriculture prospective plan (1995–2015) to enhance farmers’ capacity building
 • 13th Periodic National plan addressing food security
 • Food act and regulations
 • Agriculture development strategy
 • Nepal Food Security Monitoring System (NeKSAP)
• National health policy 2014, National nutrition policy 2004
• National health sector program (NHSP) 2nd until 2015
• Multisectoral Nutrition Plan 2012
• 13th periodic national plan
• Sustainable Development Goals
• Food and nutrition security plan
• Climate change policy (holistic policy linking health and environment)
• National adaptation plan of action
• National rural development strategy
• National urban development strategy
 • Agriculture and food security project in 19 far western and mid-western districts
 • Agriculture programmes
• Promotion of maternal, infant and young child (MIYC) feeding from central to Village Developmental Committee (VDC) level
• Vitamin-A and iron supplementation
• Growth monitoring activities
• School health and nutrition programmes
• Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) programmes through media
• Multi stakeholder forestry programme