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Table 2 Moderation of over-commitment in regression models (GSOEP)

From: The influence of working conditions on health satisfaction, physical and mental health: testing the effort-reward imbalance (ERI) model and its moderation with over-commitment using a representative sample of German employees (GSOEP)

 Health satisfactionPhysical health composite score (PCS)Mental health composite score (MCS)
 Coef.Stand. Coef.Coef.Stand. Coef.Coef.Stand. Coef.
ERI ratio (centered)*OC (centered)-.01-.01.06.01-.17**-.04
ERI ratio (centered)-.70**-.17-1.88**-.11-4.03**-.21
OC (centered)-.06**-.10-.11**-.05-.69**-.26
Age (centered)-.03**-.18-.17**-.22.06**.07
Sex (Ref. male)-.12**-.03-.72**-.05-1.54**-.08
Education or training in years (centered).06**.09.50**.18.11**.03
Adjusted R².1028**.0989**.1701**
  1. Significance: **= p ≤ .01; *= p ≤ .05
  2. Coef.: Unstandardized coefficients; Stand. Coef: Standardized Coefficients