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Table 3 Measures used in the study

From: A randomized controlled trial for overweight and obesity in preschoolers: the More and Less Europe study - an intervention within the STOP project

Instrument, reference Domains No. items Description
Child Eating Behavior Questionnaire (CEBQ),   35  
Wardle et al. 2001 [45] Food approach   
Food responsiveness 5 The child’s general appetite
Enjoyment of food 4 The child’s interest in food
Emotional overeating 4 If the child eats as a response to emotions
Desire to drink 3 The child’s desire to drink
Food avoidance   
Satiety responsiveness 5 If the child gets full easily or not
Slowness in eating 4 The child’s speed of eating
Emotional undereating 4 If the child eats less in response to emotions
Fussiness 6 The child eats a limited variety of food
Comprehensive Feeding Practices Questionnaire (CFPQ),   49  
Musher-Eizenman & Holub 2007 [46] Monitoring 4 Parents keep track of child’s intake of less healthy foods
Emotional regulation 3 Parents use food to regulate the child’s emotional stress
Food as a reward 3 Parents use food as a reward for child behaviour
Child control 5 Parents allow the child control of his/her eating behaviors and parent-child feeding interactions
Modeling 4 Parents actively demonstrate healthy eating for the child
Restriction for weight 8 Parents control the child’s food intake with the purpose of decreasing or maintaining the child’s weight
Restriction for health 4 Parents control the child’s food intake with the purpose of limiting less healthy foods and sweets
Teaching nutrition 3 Parents use explicit didactic techniques to encourage the consumption of healthy foods
Encourage balance and variety 4 Parents promote well-balanced food intake, including the consumption of varied foods and healthy food choices
Pressure to eat 4 Parents pressure the child to consume more food at meals
Healthy environment 4 Parents make healthy foods available in the home
Involvement 3 Parent’s encourage child’s involvement in meal planning and preparation