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Table 4 Activity categories and definitions

From: Exploring the burden of fatal drowning and data characteristics in three high income countries: Australia, Canada and New Zealand

Manuscript Category Definition/Explanation Australian label Canadian label New Zealand label
Aquatic activity The victim was in the water and intended to be there. Swimming and Recreating, Diving, Fishing, Jumped In Aquatic activity Free diving, Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Diving/Jumping, Net fishing, Commercial fishing, Angling, Shellfishing, Swimming, Boogie boarding, board riding, Tubing, canyoning,
Bathing Submerging/immersing the body in water for the purposes of relaxation or cleaning. Generally not vigorous activity. Bathing Bathing Bathing
Boating Using a powered or unpowered vessel for the purposes of recreation or transportation. Boating, Watercraft Boating Windsurfing, Under 4 m, Trailer Sailor, Sailing Dinghy, Rowing craft/Dinghy, Rafting, Over 4 m, Offshore sailing, Kayaking, Jet skis, Jet boat, Fixed keel boat, Canoeing,
Non-aquatic activity The victim did not intend to be in the water at the time of the incident, was near or on the water or ice. Fall, Swept In, Rock Fishing, Swept away, Rescue Non-aquatic activity Accidental immersion, Flood/civil emergency, Rescuing others
Non-aquatic transport Operating (or a passenger in) any kind of vehicle not intended for aquatic activity, such as motor vehicles, snowmobiles, aircraft etc. Non-aquatic transport Land, ice or air transportation  
Other Unable to be classified in other categories. Other   Other recreation
Unknown Where activity immediately prior to drowning is not known. Unknown Unknown Unknown