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Table 3 Location categories and definitions

From: Exploring the burden of fatal drowning and data characteristics in three high income countries: Australia, Canada and New Zealand

Manuscript Category Definition/Explanation Australian label Canadian label New Zealand label
Bathtub The victim was in a man-made tub or shower primarily used for personal bathing, generally emptied after use. Includes showers and indoor spa baths. Bathtub Bathtub Bath
Beach Sandy and rocky foreshore to coastal waters Beach, Coastal Rocks   Surf Beach, Calm Water Beach, Rocky Foreshore
Lake/Pond A body of water, of variable size, which is surrounded by land. Lake/Dam/Lagoon, Pond Lake or Pond Pond, Lake
Ocean/Harbour An open expanse of coastal water, characterised by tides, that is generally accessed via a jetty or watercraft. Excludes the sandy/rocky shore of a beach entry. Ocean/Harbour Ocean 0-1 km From Shore, 1-5 km From Shore, 5 + km From Shore, Marina, Harbour, River/Harbour Bar, Estuary
Other Locations that do not fit into existing codes. Other, Fishpond, Irrigation Channel, Drain Other, Marsh/Bog/Swamp Buckets, Drain, Other Waters, Domestic Location
River A natural/fresh waterway fed by other bodies of water. Can vary in water flow, length, width and depth. River/Creek/Stream Flowing Water Streams, Floods
Swimming Pool A permanent or temporary excavation, structure or vessel that is solely intended, or principally used, for human aquatic activity. Includes portable, above and below ground pools in homes, hotels/motels and public areas. Includes outdoor spas. Swimming Pool – Home, Swimming Pool – Public, Swimming Pool – Temporary Residence Pool, Hot tub/Whirlpool Thermal Pools, Spa Pools, School Pools, Public Pools, Portable Pools, Hotel/Motel Pools, Home Pools
Unknown Location of drowning incident is not known Unknown Unknown Unknown