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Table 4 Summary of key themes and sub-themes by organisation

From: Sitting less at work: a qualitative study of barriers and enablers in organisations of different size and sector

Themes Sub-themes Organisation
1. Individual factors 1.1. Habits and routines X X X X
1.2. Personal motivations and preferences X X X X
1.3. Concerns about distracting colleagues   X X  
2. Organisational factors 2.1. Nature of work X X X X
2.2. Organisational culture* X X X X
2.3. Organisation size X    
2.4. Ways of working   X X X
3. The internal physical environment 3.1. Building location, facilities and layout X X X X
3.2. The workplace is designed for sitting X X X X
3.3. Current equipment and furniture    X  
4. The broader social, economic and political context 4.1. Sitting is the social norm, standing is counter normative X X X X
4.2. The idea of presenteeism   X X  
4.3. Economic and political issues    X  
  1. Note: SB Small business, C Charity, LA Local authority, LC Large corporation
  2. X = sub-theme present
  3. *All organisations identified issues relating to organisation culture as presenting barriers and/or enablers, but within this theme there was a great deal of variation