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Table 1 Outline of the weekly sessions for the once per week Go4Fun programs. Sessions in bold italics are attended by the parents/carers and the children together. In the physical activity component, children participate in games and skills based activities to develop confidence and skills to improve participation in regular physical activity. Sessions were categorised into knowledge or application based on the session contents

From: Dose response relationship between program attendance and children’s outcomes in a community based weight management program for children and their families

Session week Session type First hour Second hour
Parents/carers Children Parents/carers Children
1 Measurement Meet the leaders and growth check 1 Introduction to the program
2 knowledge Introduction to health and nutrition Goals and rewards Physical Activity
3 knowledge Setting family goals and rewards Be a moving and grooving family Physical Activity
4 knowledge Refined versus unrefined carbohydrates External triggers Physical Activity
5 knowledge Fats and sugars Internal triggers Physical Activity
6 application How to read a food label Food label practical (supermarket tour)
7 knowledge Ready steady, eat Bullying Physical Activity
8 application Survival guide to parties, eating out and other tempting occasions Parental role modelling and sleep routines Physical Activity
9 application Health and nutrition quiz game, program revision Problem solving Physical Activity
10 Measurement Healthy Growth check 2 Graduation ceremony
Post program   Group reward Group reward