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Table 11 Outcome of the APEASE criteria for selecting the mode of delivery

From: Development of a context-sensitive physical activity intervention for persons living with HIV and AIDS of low socioeconomic status using the behaviour change wheel

Mode of delivery Does the mode of delivery meet the APEASE criteria in the context of increasing PA for PLWHA of low SES?
Face-to-face Individual Yes
Group Yes
Distance Population level Broadcast media TV These modes of delivery are not relevant, as PLWHA of low SES are unlikely to have access to phones, computers or be exposed to other forms of media.
Outdoor media Billboard
Print media Newspaper
Digital media Internet
Mobile phone application
Individual level Phone Phone helpline
Mobile phone text
Individually accessed computer programme
  1. Adapted from Michie et al. with permission from authors [29]. APEASE affordability, practicability, effectiveness and cost effectiveness, acceptability, side effects and safety, and equity