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Table 1 La Vida Buena curriculum session objectives

From: La Vida Buena (The Good Life) evaluation: a quasi experimental intervention of a community health worker-led family-based childhood obesity program for Latino children 5–8 years of age on the US-Mexico border

Session Name Objectives Example activities, incentives and food demonstrations
Session 1: Orientation • Identify the program goals: Increase fruit and vegetable consumption; Increase non-school physical activity; Reduce sugary drink intake and other refined carbohydrates
• Identify two health issues related to being overweight
• Recognize La Vida Buena as an informative and fun program
• Physical activity through play
• Incentive: jump ropes
• Food demo: fruit salad
Session 2: Gotta Love those Fruits and Veggies • Name GO FOODS - to eat almost anytime (Fruits and veggies)
• Identify SLOW FOODS - to eat less often (Grains, dairy, protein)
• Name WHOA FOODS - to eat once in a while (High caloric, high fat foods)
• Express one strategy to eat in a more healthy manner
• Go/Slow/Whoa traffic light game
• Incentive: fruit/veggie stuffed animals and measuring cups
• Food demo: DIY salad bar
Session 3: Guess what’s in the bowl • Understand what a serving size is
• Understand MyPlate
• Guess how much is in the cereal bowl
• Incentive: MyPlate plate, smoothie cup
• Food demo: cauliflower rice
Session 4: Breakfast for your Brain • Identify breakfast as the most important meal of the day
• Identify a healthy cereal by label reading based on fiber and sugar contents
• Write one healthy breakfast menu as a family
• Label detective with magnifying glasses
• Incentive: balls and Tupperware set
• Food demo: apple “cookies”
Session 5: Physical Activity with 0S3 biking group • Identify the benefits of bicycling
• Identify opportunities to use their bikes
• Name two safety rules when bicycling
• Biking activity circuit
• Incentives: bike helmets
• Food demo: Fruit kebab stick
Session 6: Water Your Way • Read beverage nutrition facts labels
• Name one benefit of drinking water and skim milk
• Learn how much sugar is in popular drinks
• How much sugar do you pour into your bodies?
• Incentives: water bottles
• Food demo: infused water
Session 7: Shopping Like Pros • Learn to navigate the supermarket
• Identify strategies to be prepared for grocery shopping
• Read nutrition facts label
• Choose a meal from the La Vida Buena ‘supermarket’
• Incentives: shopping list and chef hat
• Food demo: avocado toast
Session 8: My Mexican Food is Healthy • Identify one strategy to cook healthier
• Modify one recipe by adding, reducing, substituting, or eliminating to create a
healthier recipe
• Express one benefit of eating together
• Make abuelita’s recipe healthier
• Incentives: crock pot
• Food demo: yogurt parfait