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Table 1 Knowledge regarding TB among trained THs of Kereyu pastoralist, Ethiopia

From: Traditional healers’ role in the detection of active tuberculosis cases in a pastoralist community in Ethiopia: a pilot interventional study

Variables Frequency (n = 8)
Heard of TB 8
Sources of TB knowledge
 Friends/family 3
 Health workers 5
Cause of TB
 Bacteria/Germ 5
 Living with untreated TB patient 3
Symptoms of TB
 Cough > 3 weeks 8
 Coughing up blood 3
 Weight loss 6
 Shortness of breath 3
 Fever and night sweating 5
 Chest pain 2
 Weakness/loss of appetite 6
Know TB is transmissible 6
 Droplets from coughing and sneezing of a person with TB 7
 Exposure to cold air 3
 Sharing cups 4
TB can be prevented 8
Who could be infected by TB
 Anybody 5
 Poor people 2
 Homeless people 1
TB can be cured 8
Only specific drugs given by HCF can cure TB 8
 Drugs are available for free 8