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Table 6 | Predictors of seeking care from non-professional healthcare providers among the population of Gaza strip

From: Prevalence of diarrheal illness and healthcare-seeking behavior by age-group and sex among the population of Gaza strip: a community-based cross-sectional study

Variable Odds ratio 95% CI P-value
A female head of the householda 2.1 (1.1–4) 0.018
Low education level of household headb 4.9 (2.2–8) 0.001
Low monthly income of householdc 4.1 (2.7–7.5) 0.001
Age of person who got diarrhea more than 5 yearsd 2.2 (1.1–4.4) 0.001
Living in rural arease 9.1 (1.9–44.3) 0.006
Disposal of wastewater in an open area around the housef 1.8 (1.1–3.1) 0.032
  1. The level of measurement for all variables in the table was nominal
  2. The default references used for the variables in the table were:
  3. aA male head of the household a
  4. bHigh education level of household head
  5. cHigh monthly income of household
  6. dAge of person who got diarrhea less than 5 years
  7. eLiving in urban areas
  8. fDisposal of wastewater in a close sewerage system