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Table 6 Difference in the prevalence of asthma-like symptoms and asthma between subjects with high and low sleeping-area risk scores in winter and summer

From: Correlation between indoor air pollution and adult respiratory health in Zunyi City in Southwest China: situation in two different seasons

Sleeping area risk factors Winter Summer
Asthma-like symptoms and asthma
Yes (n) No (n) Yes (n) No (n)
Subjects with high sleeping-area risk scores 92 480 16 147
Subjects with low sleeping-area-risk scores 66 569 30 417
Pearson Chi-square 8.564a 1.651a
p value 0.002** 0.134
  1. aChi-square test, α = 0.05; *significant at p < 0.05, **significant at p < 0.01