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Table 1 Demographics and job categories for the three jet fuel exposure groups

From: Jet fuel exposure and auditory outcomes in Australian air force personnel


Jet fuel exposure group


Low (n = 18)

Moderate (n = 15)

High (n = 24)

Age, years

42.3 (range: 25–60)

37.8 (range: 23–64)

38.7 (range: 24–55)


Female = 6

Female = 1

Female = 0

Male = 12

Male = 14

Male = 24

Tenure in defence, years

17.8, 10.3 (5–41)

14.8, 13.0 (3–40)

19.7, 9.9 (5–38)

Job categories

Cook, training system officer, environmental health officer, air surveillance operator, information manager, administration, pilot, air traffic control, air refuelling operator, electrical engineer, vehicle administration, aircraft maintainer, firefighter

Warrant officer, avionics instructor, instructor, flighty sergeant, staff officer capability level, logistics, movements, aviation refueller, GSE fitter mechanic, GSE fitter mechanic trainee, technician, avionics technician

Aircraft technician, GT-1 armtech sergeant, air traffic controller, movements, airfield operations support, ops clerk, GSE fitter mechanic, avionics technician, loadmaster, structures technician, weapons/explosives technician, petroleum manager, safety advisor,

  1. Exposure groups are based on participant exposure levels to jet fuels and chemicals and do not necessarily represent the same exposure category for noise