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Table 1 Criteria for the participants’ categorization

From: Physical exercise for prevention of dementia (EPD) study: background, design and methods

Category groups Criteria
MAC-Q score Neuropsychological tests MMSE and CDR scores
A Subjects without subjective or objective cognitive impairment < 25 normal • MMSE ≥24 • CDR = 0.0
B Subjects with SMC ≥25 normal • MMSE ≥24 • CDR = 0.0
C Subjects with MCI Any score At least one pathological score • MMSE ≥24 • CDR = 0.5
  1. SMC Subjective Memory Complaints, MCI Mild Cognitive Impairment, MAC-Q Memory Complaint Questionnaire, MMSE Mini- Mental State Examination, CDR Clinical Dementia Rating