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Table 3 Coefficient estimates of OLS and quantile regression at different quantiles

From: Assessment of personal exposure to particulate air pollution: the first result of City Health Outlook (CHO) project

  OLS Quantile
0.25 0.5 0.75 0.9
Age −2.65a −1.70a − 4.59a −4.70a −9.35a
Education −1.72a 0.85a 1.19a −0.43 −6.90a
Income −0.32 −0.53 0 −1.03a −5.25a
Commute time 4.54a 0.05 −0.91a −1.78a 2.03
Vehicle −15.99a −6.51a −15.79a − 14.55a −48.54a
Smoking 7.93a 1.70a 2.22a 5.70a 17.56a
Ventilation 0.87 −0.30a 2.13a 1.04a −4.52a
BMI 8.36a 4.15a 12.75a 8.83a 36.17a
Respiratory 5.35a 1.33a 4.06a 4.20a 27.87a
  1. Note: adenotes significantly different coefficient from zero at the 5% significance level