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Table 1 PLAN-A SPIRIT diagram displaying study recruitment, intervention and measures schedule

From: Protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial of a Peer-Led physical Activity iNtervention for Adolescent girls (PLAN-A)

Enrolment Allocation Post-allocation Follow up/close out
TIMEPOINT T0 Randomization Intervention T1
Informed consent X    
Baseline measures X    
Randomization into study arm   X   
Peer nomination X    
Trainer recruitment and training X    
Peer-supporter training (10 schools)    X  
Normal treatment (10 schools)    X  
Percentage opt-in (total, by sex) X    
Retention/loss to follow up     X
Participant characteristics X    X
Self-reported psychosocial questionnaires X    X
Health related quality of life questionnaires (EQ-5D-Y, KIDSCREEN-10) X    X
Resource use proformas (peer nomination and school contact) X   X  
Mean daily moderate to vigorous physical activity X    X
Process Evaluation    X X