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Table 1 Overview of CARR measures and timepoints of measurement

From: The connecting adolescents to reduce relapse (CARR) trial: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial comparing the efficacy of Groups 4 Health and cognitive behaviour therapy in young people

Construct Measure T0 Baseline T1 After session 1 T2 After session 2 T3 After session 3 T4 After session 4 T5 Post-treatment T6 6-month follow up T7 12-month follow up
Primary outcomes Depression (DASS-21)
Depression (PHQ-9)     
Loneliness (4 item)
Loneliness (20 item)     
Secondary outcomes Social anxiety     
GP attendance (last month)     
Life satisfaction     
Self esteem     
Subjective physical health     
Process measures Multiple group membership     
Multiple group compatibility     
Mental illness identity     
Group cohesion        
Therapy group identification    
Service identification        
Acceptability/feasibility Useful  
Learnt something      
Homework completion    
Facilitator questionnaire    
  1. Notes: DASS21 Depression Anxiety Stress Scales (21 item)
  2. PHQ-9 Patient Health Questionnaire (9 item).
  3. GP General Practitioner