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Table 1 Synergy 1 – Coordinating healthcare services

From: A population-based approach to integrated healthcare delivery: a scoping review of clinical care and public health collaboration

Intervention Key features
A. Coordinate clinical services with community services (across different sites) Combining clinical services (diagnosis, prevention, treatment rehabilitation) with:
1. Counseling and educational services directed at personal risk behaviors, the management of particular health problems, the use of health services etc.
2. Outreach and case management services to identify health needs of individuals and promote compliance with complex treatment programs
3. Social services that address socioeconomic determinants of health
B. Bring other sector’s personnel (E.g. public health) to existing practice sites 1. PC sites can lease certain services from PH departments, and vice versa
2. Organizations can hire or contract professionals with expertise or experience in providing a desired service
3. PC or PH sites bring in outside personnel to provide individual-level support services for patients
C. Establish “one-stop” centers (geographic proximity) 1. Co-location of both sectors’ services to promote geographical proximity of PC and PH professionals and programs
2. Addressing health inequalities through “one-stop” centers located in disadvantaged regions and organized around needs of local populations