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Table 1 Key Host Country Participants and Institutions, Sectors and Definitions

From: Analysis of sectoral participation in the development of Joint External Evaluations

Sector Definition
Health Consists of a range of institutions relating directly to healthcare, including Ministries of Health, hospitals, laboratories, and epidemiological surveillance programs
Health (Food and Drug Safety) Sub-category of Health, including food and drug authorities, foodborne disease prevention, and clinical trials management
Health (Patient Care/Hospitals) Sub-category of Health, consisting of a variety of organizations relating to patient care including hospitals, clinics, blood transfusion, and immunization services
Health (Epidemiology/ Surveillance) Sub-category of Health, relating to organizations centered around monitoring of disease prevalence and transmission, including Centers of Disease Control and disease-specific surveillance organizations
Health (Laboratory/ Testing Services) Sub-category of Health, referring to laboratories in various settings used to detect and confirm infection status
Health (Nutrition/ Food Security) Sub-category of Health, consisting of organizations ensuring adequate quality and quantity of food consumption by citizens
Health (Environmental Health) Sub-category of Health, relating to organizations focusing on the environment as it relates to human health
Health (Emergency/ Ambulatory Services) Sub-category of Health, encompassing organizations centered around emergency/disaster response, including ambulatory services
Health (Zoonotic Disease) Sub-category of Health, consisting of organizations combatting or researching diseases endemic to both humans and animals
Health (Preventative Health) Sub-category of Health, relating to organizations involved in disease prevention and health promotion
Agriculture Encompasses institutions and agencies relating to food production and security including Ministries of Agriculture, animal production and health, fisheries, plant protection, and veterinary services
Defense Includes Ministries of Defense, host country militaries/armed forces, and weapons protection agencies
Domestic Security Encompasses a large range of functionalities including law enforcement, justice departments, and emergency and disaster preparedness institutions
Executive/Congressional Policy Pertains to general legislative bodies within the host country including the Offices of the President and/or Prime Minister and local governments
International Cooperation Relates to host country institutions engaging in communication with or outreach to other countries, including Departments for International Development, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, and international relations coordination
Transportation Consists of agencies including Departments of Transportation and Civil Aviation Authorities; includes sub-category for ports, which consists of independent airports and seaports
Labor Includes Departments and Ministries of Labor
Environment Includes environmental health and services, wildlife preservation, and climate affairs
Commerce Encompasses organizations pertaining to the exchange of goods or services, including Ministries of Finance, trade and commerce, and industry
Communication/Media Includes health communication departments, public telecommunication networks, and national media agencies
Energy/Nuclear Includes Departments of Energy, radiological protection authorities, atomic energy commissions, and nuclear safety agencies
Other Encompasses all organizations that did not readily fit into any of the pre-defined categories