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Table 1 Resistance training prescription within the combined exercise program

From: The “Hypertension Approaches in the Elderly: a Lifestyle study” multicenter, randomized trial (HAEL Study): rationale and methodological protocol

Resistance training variable Initial prescription (weeks) Progression (weeks)
Number of sets 2 (1–3) 3 (4–12)
Intensitya Light to moderate (1–3) Moderate to high (4–12)
Target: 4 to 6, out of 10 Target: 6 to 8, out of 10
Number of exercises 4 (1–6) 5 (7–12)
Contraction speedb Moderate (1–6) High (7–12)
  1. aassessed by OMNI rating of perceived exertion scale. bconcentric contraction performed as fast as possible